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Essay of Interest: “Unspeakable Truths about Racial Inequality in America”

Alida Kass

A thoughtful piece by Glenn Loury on the challenges to squarely confronting and discussing intractable social problems. Does the erosion of free speech norms encourage “hiding from the truth with platitudes, euphemisms and lies”?

Prof. Loury writes:

I am a black American intellectual living in an age of persistent racial inequality in my country. As a black man I feel compelled to represent the interests of “my people.” (But that reference is not unambiguous!) As an intellectual, I feel that I must seek out the truth and speak such truths as I am given to know. As an American, at this critical moment of “racial reckoning,” I feel that imperative all the more urgently. But, I ask, what are my responsibilities? Do they conflict with one another? I will explore this question tonight.

My conclusion: “My responsibilities as a black man, as an American, and as an intellectual are not in conflict.” I defend this position as best I can in what follows. I also try to illustrate the threat “cancel culture” poses to a rational discourse about racial inequality in America that our country now so desperately requires. Finally, I will try to model how an intellectual who truly loves “his people” should respond. I will do this by enunciating out loud what have increasingly become some unspeakable truths. So, brace yourselves!

Read the full essay at Quillette.

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